Artist Studios in Silver City, New Mexico

Alaska Mudhead Studio - Letha Cress Woolf

371 Camino De Viento, 907-783-2780

Pottery Studio –gas reduction fired porcelain, white stoneware and black clay, fired to cone 10 (2300 degrees+ F). Also soda fired (cone10) and Raku fired pottery. Kilns on site.

Bird Song Studio

101 Mack Harden St., 575-740-5912

Diana Eames Esterly paints realistic and impressionistic watercolors primarily of New Mexico; landscapes, flowers, local scenes.
Harry F. Esterly paints a variety of subjects in watercolor and acrylic.

Carlene Roters Studio

Represented by Blue Dome Gallery,

Painted tapestries inspired by place

Claude's Clay Studio

3006 N Mann Dr., 575-590-0838

Claude’s passion for the clay product varies from functional cone 10 dinnerware to on-of-a-kind art objects, featuring: raku, salt, soda and reduction fired vessel forms and sculptural pieces. His home is his studio & gallery.

Cow Trail Art Studio - Victoria Chick

119 Cow Trail, Arenas Valley, 760-533-1897,

Mission style studio building. Always work in progress as well as finished paintings and mono prints by Victoria Chick.
Also a changing display of late 19th and early 20th century original prints from Chick’s private collection. Studio open Mondays 12-3 pm and for Red Dot Art Tours.

Diana Ingalls Leyba

102 N Texas St., 575-388-5725,

Mixed media acrylic painting and assemblage. Open by appointment.

Kathryn Allen Clay Studio

601 Erie St., 575-537-3332

I create custom commissions in clay – garden murals, door and fireplace surrounds. My studio display includes bas relief murals and wall sculpture.
I will be demonstrating mosaic installation during the Art Fest Studio Tour in October.

Mariah Walker

4 Mt. Olympus Rd., 575-993-8193,

Mariah’s art integrates palettes of bright colors and southwest motifs to create a variety of original art sure to make you smile. Showing at Copper Quail Gallery. Home studio not available for Studio Tours.

Mark Bowen Studio

4205 Cottonwood Rd., 720-270-6342

Mark Bowen incorporates steel and copper with various patinas to create unique artwork, including petroglyph inspired sculptures and abstract pieces for both yard and home.

Michael Metcalf, Sculptor

2315 Little Walnut Rd., 575-313-4406,

Michael Metcalf creates table-top to monumental graceful sculptures contrasting man-made and natural materials, alluding to the fragility of the relationship between earth and humanity. His home studio and sculpture garden show his creative process.

Miriam E. Hill, Painter

505-954-4992, 505-699-5005, [ Website & Blog ]

“My personal mission is to find balance. Blending what I love to do, the people I want to be with, the places I want to see, and the things I want to experience is a continual challenge. But I find that the better I blend all that the better I am able to express myself in my paintings. Just like life, art is a journey of learning—from others and from your own mistakes and successes.”

Pierre Nichols Studio

2316 Johnson Road, 575-519-2499

A master gourd artist creating original, unique vessels and masks using traditional designs inspired by the Paquime and Mimbres cultures.

Pinon Studios

100 Peterson Dr., 484-319-5549, 484-667-0606,

Mimi Peterson: multi-mediums, artists’ books, collage, paintings. Art Peterson: wood and found object sculpture, furniture.

Richard Harper Studio

60 Hitchin Post Ridge, 973-897-1084 [ Website ]

Stonewalker Studio & Gallery - Barbara Nance

105 Country Rd., 575-534-0530,

Stone, steel & wood sculpture, jewelry and paintings. Stonewalker is located on 10 acres with working studio, casita gallery and sculpture path.
Visitors welcome by appointment. RED DOT Weekend sculpture demos.

Studio of Christopher Saxman

4 Hermosa St., Hanover, 575-537-3262,

Christopher shows his photography at his studio in Hanover. His photos tend to be abstracts but shows landscapes and New Mexico scenes as well.
He also shows hand-made items such as wood boxes and clocks. Call ahead for an appointment or just show up and ring the doorbell.

The Barking Dog Studio - Gretchen Haas

512 W Bremen St., 575-534-9620

Collage and mixed media using many different types of recycled materials.

The Cliffs Studio - Diane Kleiss

205 N Lyon St., 520-622-0251,

Mixed media: Bees wax, found objects and nature’s patterns. Visit The Cliffs Studio & Gallery, nestled on the edge of Boston Hill, where the integration of the wax and assemblage process takes place.
Open by appointment. The sculptures and encaustic painted art can also be seen exclusively at Seedboat gallery in Silver City.

The Wherehouse - Suzi Calhoun

305 S Texas St., 575-313-6703,

Contemporary fun, colorful, functional pottery at The Wherehouse – an historic 100 year old public warehouse that is now a collection of artist’s studios and show space.

The Wherehouse - Janey Katz

305 S Texas St., 575-313-6703,

Wall & free-standing sculptures cut from old car hoods, roofs & doors. Studio space in the old historic 1914 public warehouse, recently converted to shared studios and gallery space.

John Wachholz

4 Mt. Olympus Rd., 575-388-2616

John’s wildlife photos & handcrafted frames can be viewed exclusively at Copper Quail Gallery in Silver City. Home studio not open for studio tour.

Nancy Wachholz

4 Mt. Olympus Rd., 575-388-2616

Nancy’s brilliant southwest watercolor portraits can be viewed exclusively at Copper Quail Gallery in Silver City. Home studio not open for studio tour.

Whiskey Creek Studio - Dayna Griego

44 Arenas Valley Rd., 575-313-0312

Mixed media: painting and jewelry studio.

Zoe's Gallery

305 N Cooper St., 575-654-4910

What’s behind the pink wall showcasing Zoe’s ceramic RIVER mural at the corner of Cooper & Market Streets? A unique historic warehouse featuring Zoe’s studio, a private showroom and sculpture garden! clay and mixed media, forms are sensual and tactile, ranging from handheld to life size, for interior and exterior. Open by chance, appointment and during the RED DOT ArtFest.